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Biography of James F. Walsh
President of UNIWAL Communications Corporation

While serving in the U.S. Air Force as a cryptographic computer specialist, Mr. Walsh was assigned to duties directly for the President of the United States and the Pentagon. During this time he began his college career part-time and later full time at the University of Hawaii.

After completing his military service he worked for a year in avionics and holography. His work in avionics led him to become a licensed pilot.

Mr. Walsh then attended and received his Bachelor's Degree in Business from the University of Delaware School of Business and Economics. He has minors in both Economics and Communications, with a special interest in mass media. Additionally, over the years he has received extensive training in the field of computers.

Mr. Walsh worked in the retail field and in outside sales on several occasions early in his career. He was assigned as a Revenue Officer for the Treasury Department and additionally was trained and performed as a Tax Preparer. He left after only a few months for reasons of personal ethics. He went on to work for and consult with government at the local, county, state and federal level. The Governor of Delaware appointed Mr. Walsh to a non-attorney lower court judgeship. Approved by the Delaware Bar and confirmed by the Senate, Judge Walsh served in the capacity of a full time criminal and civil trial court judge for three years.

He then went on to serve for three and half years as the Manager of the fourth largest municipality in Delaware. One of his biggest responsibilities was to apply for grants for and supervise the Economic Development Program. The International City Management Association, a certifying organization, granted Mr. Walsh full membership rights and recognition as a Professional City Manager. He was also granted membership in the International Association of Budget Officers. He is well versed in dealing with government at all levels.

Mr. Walsh served as the Director of Computer Services at the College of Ganado in Arizona for two years. While there he founded the Computer Science Department and was it's acting first department chairperson. He taught many of the department's classes. He served in the dual capacity of Director of Operations for a short time and was a member of the President's Council and Budget committee.

After spending a year as a Lead Programmer/Analyst for the State of Arizona, Mr. Walsh returned to the East Coast to become the MIS Manager for Palmer International, Inc. near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. He was promoted to Chief Information Officer for Palmer, a manufacturing company, and served in these roles during two decades. As part of his duties Mr. Walsh regularly created and taught various instructional seminars.

In addition, Mr. Walsh has founded and incorporated many businesses and organizations including JED Division, Inc. which began as a mail order catalog company and later moved into the real estate rehabilitation business. During this period Mr. Walsh became licensed in Real Estate and Insurance.

Mr. Walsh was president and cofounder of Protel, Inc. a training company. He incorporated and was the vice-president of The Elfery, Inc. a stuffed toy and home decor-manufacturing firm. He was cofounder and an officer of Kiddie Kare, Inc. a day care company. He also ran his own appliance repair business for a time and ran a seasonal Income Tax preparation business for several years.

In the community service, nonprofit field, he was cofounder, incorporated and was vice-president of the Elsmere Area Community Council, Inc. And as a young man he cofounded, incorporated and was the first President of the Greater Elsmere Area Senior Center, Inc. though he was far too young to be a member. He cofounded, incorporated and was the vice-president and an instructor for the Transitional Learning Center, Inc. which assisted people in career changes and starting their own businesses.

Mr. Walsh is a past vice-president of the Rio Salado Toastmasters in Arizona and is a past president of the Allentown Toastmasters in Pennsylvania. He holds the rank of Able Toastmaster in that organization.

For the past four years Mr. Walsh has been the President and Chairman of organizations leading to UNIWAL Communications Corporation and UNIWAL Communications Corporation He is a member of ASTD. Mr. Walsh is a member of the Board of Directors of the Lehighton Area Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Economic Development Committee.

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